Holy Corpse Rising Book 2 Review

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Hello, Hello, Hello! Welcome back to the Holy Corpse Rising book review series (Finally!!!!). This post contains spoilers and nudity, you have been warned!


Nikola, Ezelvald, and Upsula travel to the small town of Sibillini, where not even a moment after entering the town, finds themselves amid a riot. Soon learning that pandemonium is a daily occurrence from the local monk, Brother D’Amico, Nikola and his wives start to wonder if they have just wandered into a witch’s domain. 

Building Up The Plot

Being that this is their first mission as the “New Crusaders”, which is what Nikola refers to themselves as, amid talks with Brother D’Amico before they face off with the new Regent, Cybele. They first have to figure out if she is a witch or just a terrible person. Interestingly enough this is an important meeting for Nikola’s quest in finding the witch who kills his family and burns down his village. 


Towards the end of Cybele’s life, she admits to knowing Nikola and confesses, “All of us… are in some way a mother to you”. Honestly, this dropped a nuke in the story because there are many ways to decipher what she said into multiple predictions. Prediction 1. His mother was the witch who destroyed his village. Prediction 2. The witch who destroyed his village is the mother of all current witches.

Another mystery that was once lingering in the back of the mind has now come to the forefront. What is the real difference between the first witches and the current ones? Is it simply because the first witches’ powers come from the divine or is it deeper than that? Can a witch that was once human be stronger than a first witch if they tried or is there no way that can happen because of some fatal flaw? 

Improvements & Changes

  • A noticeable positive change is that more nudity and gore are being shown in book 2. In the last review I thought there could be a little more gore but this time I felt like they delivered. 
  • We have a main bad guy the First Witch Adante (so says the back of the book). 


Honestly, there is no major weakness that one could say needs fixing going into book 3. The author did an excellent job at keeping the same pace that book one started with; and also, keeping the mystery behind Nikola


  • We get some really sexy scenes and amazing artwork. 
  • The plot is keeping you on your toes in terms of guessing about Nickola’s past.
  • Character development is superb. Especially when introducing new characters and making them come alive.

Thank you all for sticking with this series review. I know it took way too long to write this up. But, hell better late than never. Share and comment!

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