Husbando of the Year: The Way Of The Househusband

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Spoilers ahead!

For all of the hard-working ladies out there The Immortal Dragon, Tatsu, needs to be in your top 10 husbando ranking! He’s handsome, a great cook, funny, detailed cleaner, homemaker, and can whip-some-ass; I mean at this point he’s checking off 99.9% of the list. Don’t ask me what the last .1% is, that is specific to the reader–if you know what I mean?

Bigger plus than just being able to read the manga. The anime is meant to come out soon in 2021 on Netflix; this was confirmed on the Crunchyroll website.

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So with all the excitement around manga and soon to be anime release if you have not read the manga, this is your time to shine!

The Yakuza Way Every Day

Author: Kousuke Oono

Tatsu, aka Tatti, aka The Immortal Dragon, has given up on his yakuza lifestyle and is now trying to lead a life as a full-time househusband. Yet, every chapter someone has the audacity to try him! From sleazy salesmen to rival yakuza he has proven no matter what they throw at him he will not revert back to his old life.

A Man’s Promise

Tatsu At His Cooking Class: Author: Kousuke Oono

A man never goes back on his word, and throughout the story, it’s very evident that Tatsu intends to keep that promise. In this scene, Masa, a yakuza trainee who served under Tatsu, has finally had enough of Tatsu’s goody-goody ways and snaps. But, plain and simple Tatsu knows that those days are behind him. So when Masa keeps fussing Tatsu has to show him whose boss…

Masa is Reunited With Tatsu: Author: Kousuke Oono

Ma’am! Miku

Miku Wife of Tatsu: Author: Kousuke Oono

Arguably one of the funniest characters in the manga is Tatsu’s wife Miku. As one of the reoccurring characters, she is a hard-working woman, a huge fan of an anime called Policure; and is the only one who can defeat Tatsu in a fight. She doesn’t always understand Tatsu’s Yakuza mentality but she loves him none the less.

Chapter Format

Each chapter is like a glimpse into Tatsu’s everyday life. There is no set story between chapters, yet it doesn’t feel completely void of a plot. There is a connection between each story and that is why it’s a great slice of life manga. It leaves you wanting to keep being that fly on the wall to laugh till your heart’s content!

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