Wonder Egg Priority: Life After Suicide

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WOW! Is the only thing that can be said about Wonder Egg Priority. This anime should go down as a classic if you ask me. The care and detail that went into making the show are just what I would expect from Aniplex. I hope all who watched this anime enjoyed it as much as I did. And, now that season one of Wonder Egg Priority has ended it’s time to dive deep and analyze the anime some underlying themes.


Our stories begin with Ohto Ai she just recently experienced the loss of her best friend and savior, Koito, to suicide. She has stopped going to school to live a monotonous life at home with her mother. When she wakes up from a weird dream she rolls over to finds an egg inside her bed and unbeknown to her the egg is important, it’s special. Thus, when Ai mistakenly breaks the egg and sees a girl who has popped out of it, she stumbles into a world where it is her turn to be a friend and savior.


  • Ohto Ai – Main character and protagonist
  • Anouma Neiru – Friend of the main character and is trying to save her sister
  • Kawai Rika – Friend of the main character and is trying to save her fan
  • Sawaki Momoe – Friend of the main character and is trying to save her friend who was in love with her
  • Acca and Ura-Acca – Administrators of the dream world
  • Frill – Antagonist who was created by Acca and Ura-Acca

Life After Suicide

Some might wonder if there is life after suicide. In some twisted way, there is. The life that exists is the people left behind. Ai was left behind. She knows it but, can’t understand why. Why is it that she was left behind? Why didn’t her best friend, Koito, not ask her to die with her? These are answers that even the character doesn’t have, but my theory is that Koito did not want to pull Ai into despair with her. Koito was always strong for Ai, she didn’t show weakness in front of Ai because Ai wasn’t strong. Even when Koito was being dangerously bullied which was shown in episode two, she didn’t even cry in front of Ai, Koito remained strong to support her friend.

Inaction or Action? Could Things Have Been Different?

For each girl who has lost their special person to suicide could things have been different? If they had just done one thing differently could they have saved their friends even with Frills influence in the world? Or, is the temptation of death too strong? A theory that explains that they could have possibly saved their special person is when Koito saved Ai. In the last episode, Ai has to save herself, the self that was bullied into suicide because she never met Koito. This shows that the only way to save a person from suicide is kindness and support that only a true friend brings to the table. But, were any of these suffering girls Ai, Neiru, Rika, Momo, a true friend or a good family member?

Redemption or Damnation

Nobody can deny that Ai, Neiru, Rika, and Momo fought long and hard in each battle. They risked their lives to get their special person back; nevertheless, with every redemption damnation is sure to follow. Did they get this opportunity to redeem themselves or was the opportunity given because they themselves were linked to why their friends died? We know that each of them did something (or nothing) to indirectly not help their friends from dying. Ai didn’t help Koito when she was being bullied. Neiru didn’t spend any time or give attention to her sister. Rika told her fan there was no way she would be friends with someone who is fat. And lastly, Momo ran away from her friend who had romantic feelings for her.

Personally, I do not think that Acca and Ura-Acca choose them so that they could redeem themselves. The girls were used as an end to a means and that’s why Acca and Ura-Acca did not care if they were broken after the experience with Frill’s influencers. They were sent to damnation to battle Frill’s influence, not for the redemption of saving a friend. The girls took up the job because they believed it would help redeem themselves. Furthermore, once the statues unthawed and freed their friend’s souls the girls soon found out the process did not in all actuality reverse their deaths. This experience only brought out a nightmarish enemy who came to show them the real reason why they were sent into battle.


Thank you all for reading this post till the end. If I had to give a recommendation for this anime that is similar to Wonder Egg Priority it would be Madoka Puella Magi Madoka Magica. A dark fantasy that contains shows a beautifully written anime that contains the horror of being a magical girl. What makes these animes so similar is that nothing is as they seem at first glance, and a deeper understanding is needed to fully appreciate both.

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